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Lawn Damage

Landscaping and horticultural services include an extended range of services. Most landscaping companies deal with the design and construction of a home’s landscape. These companies also prepare soil, plant flowers and trees and perform maintenance on existing flora. Arborist services, which is part of the landscaping industry, trim and maintain trees to ensure healthy and steady growth. Certain companies deal with hardscape construction, which includes building retaining walls and putting down stone, brick and concrete pathways and patios. Typically, landscaping companies will always provide care and maintenance for lawns and any existing landscape elements.

There are some landscaping companies that deal with the wildlife elements of a landscape, including the trapping and removal of animals and insects that have a negative impact on any piece of property.

Omaha Nebraska landscaping services include some of the most experienced and talented landscaping companies in the United States. There are a variety of companies in the city that specialize in different elements of landscaping.

Pro Tip:  Wildlife can really do a number on your lawn. Nuisance animals are typically attracted to areas that have food. Most people tend to think that raccoons and skunks are only attracted to lawns that have grubs. The truth is, nuisance skunks and raccoons are drawn to areas that have bird feeders as well. Platinum wildlife removal in Canton Michigan advise to keep your feeders above areas that can be easily swept up. This will prevent nuisance wildlife from tearing up your lawn for fallen seeds or any grubs that may be under the surface as well. They can be visited for more information at

Omaha Lawnscaping Solutions

(402) 305-3404

Omaha Lawnscaping Solutions is a highly accredited and certified landscaping business that offers clients a multitude of services. The company services primarily clients in the Omaha area, but also offers its services to individuals living in Boys Town, Council Bluffs and Carter Lake.

The company is noted for its lawn and garden care. Omaha Landscaping Services delivers and installs soil and sand, used primarily for decorative purposes or to install and maintain gardens. The company is highly praised for its lawn care. Mowing and other lawn maintenance services are provided to ensure a healthy and beautiful yard. Omaha Landscaping Services also trims, maintains and removes trees and shrubbery. Other areas of expertise for the company include the construction of retaining walls and mulch installation.

Arbor Hills Trees & Landscaping, LLC

(402) 895-3635

Arbor Hills Trees & Landscaping is a noteworthy company due to the years of experience its accumulated and the professionalism of its staff. The company has more than 20 years of experience developing landscape designs for Omaha residents and nearly the same amount of years in experience in installation. Arbor Hills is widely recognized for its dedication to clients, working one-on-one to develop a landscaping plan that satisfies all of the clients wants and needs. The company prides itself on the thorough and efficient project clean-up it completes before leaving the client’s yard. Arbor Hills also offers free estimates for any project and all completed projects come with a warranty with terms that vary based on the project.

While Arbor Hills primarily services clients in the Omaha area, it also provides services to a vast section of the surrounding areas, including Waterloo, Elkhorn, Bennington and Malmo.

Services provided cover a wide selection of landscaping elements. Arbor Hills is widely recognized for its construction services which include additions, remodels and the building of new elements such as outdoor kitchens. Outdoor kitchens and the installation of outdoor lighting are areas of the company’s expertise. Arbor Hills is also greatly credited for its expert installation of trees and shrubbery.

Urban Landscapes, Inc.

(402) 515-1955

Urban Landscapes, Inc. is a thoroughly modern landscape company that focuses on developing creative landscape designs for all of its clients. The locally owned and operated company services clients in Omaha and the surrounding areas. Services offered include hardscaping, mowing and modern landscape designs.


When a rise of lawn damage starts occurring from raccoons or skunks looking to grub up the lawn, the first measure of defense is to remove what is attracting the animals to the area. This not only means to do the obvious and kill the grubs that the animals are digging up, but also being aware of bird feeders that create spillage below. Areas in the yard with bird seen that has been spread about, will entice animals to not only eat there but also find a home close to the food source. When animals live near by, all it takes is some grubs underground to have your lawn destroyed overnight. Also be sure to keep an eye out from digging and openings under concrete stoops. Most animals will look to these areas to find shelter, even a chipmunk sized hole is enough to attract larger animals to the den site. This tip was brought to you by our friends at Illinois wildlife control.